Yuri's Revenge Mod Developement Kit is designed to make MODs more faster with this MDK, is an all in one for making mods for YR, you have all you need for your mod, is have many features like tutorials database, active comunity on sla-company.page.tl, support site, compact and large mod for making more easy your work, you have links were you can get files, more tutorials and other. is conting the files like XCC Tools, TibEd and other for making possible your mod and this MDK have a very nice design, Win7 design.

       You can post your tutorials on ForumsYR MDKTutorials
       You can post your opinion and other on FourumsYr MDKOther

    This MDK is build by Sla Company, we will finish this Software soon, we will post it on live.com and softpedia maybe, we don't know this, we will tell yours what we will do.

       More Informations Soon..

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SLA's Favorite Games

C&C series (only Westwood)
Counter-Strike Source
Half-Life 2
Age Of Empire 2
My Mods :D (lol)
Warcraft 1,2,3
Unreal 3
Starcraft Series ( I , II )
and more other..
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you can join us and on ModDB,
you can help us to
finish all mods and release its !

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