Sla Company has opened  some Hamachi networks where you can play Online several Games, like Red Alert 2, Tiberian Sun and others. Will be more IN Future !

 SLA.TD2 (Play Tiberian Dawn 2)
 SLA.RA2 (Play Red Alert 2)
 SLA.TS  (Play Tiberian Sun Firestrom)
 SLA.CRZ (Play CrazyIvan)
 SLA.SMY (Play Sla Mod YR)
 SLA.DTE (Play Dead Town Escapade Arena)
 SLA.SMY-103 (Play Sla Mod YR ver.103)
 SLA.SUPPORT (here is your support for you, you can play other games here)

What you need for those: 

Hamachi (only This - Download IT from HERE)
and of course games like RA2 , YR, TS and other

Sla Company Site
SLA's Favorite Games

C&C series (only Westwood)
Counter-Strike Source
Half-Life 2
Age Of Empire 2
My Mods :D (lol)
Warcraft 1,2,3
Unreal 3
Starcraft Series ( I , II )
and more other..
Sla Company On ModDB

you can join us and on ModDB,
you can help us to
finish all mods and release its !
Hamachi's Networks


see informations on Networks Tab
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